Complacency Eats You for Breakfast

I have an admission to make. Over the past several months, I’ve gotten complacent. Things were going good, I was generally happy, and I stopped trying. I lived my life in the routine, happy to be where I was, wanting to stay where it was comfortable. I stopped going to the gym, stopped working on […]


I learnt quite a few things during my stint at Velocity. My favourite philosophy that was really articulated and expressed to me was the idea of JFDI. What is JFDI, you ask? What is JFDI and Why Just. F******. Do. It. It is a very simplistic idea, but I think that this philosophy holds a […]

The Canadian Brain Drain

Google’s recent acquisition of Postrank made a lot of waves in the local community – there was a lot of excitement and all around happiness that a local startup was able to catch the attention of one of the Tech Big Four. In the midst of all the excitement, a couple of Twitter posts caught […]

Velocity – First Impressions

I moved into Velocity 6 days ago. The past three days have been quite an experience, and I want to capture some of the learning points I’ve gotten from the place. Don’t be an asshole I think that is probably the mantra that struck me the most. Basically, at Velocity, it means that be nice […]

PodCamp Toronto 2011

I’ll be attending PodCamp Toronto 2011 this weekend (February 26 and 27). This will be my first time going, and I’m excited and at the same time intimidated by the 1000+ people going! Inspired by Christine Lu, I shall share the sessions I’m interested in! Hopefully I’ll manage to attend all of these – but […]

6 Things I Learnt About Pushing Change

Over the past month or so, I experienced something that was probably the most challenging thing I had to deal with in a while. In a nutshell, I was the main proponent (together with the rest of the executives) behind a set of changes to the operating structure of Science Society. Basically, it involved trying […]